Dr. Meden Performs a Smile Lift

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This story originally appeared on ABC4's The Younger You series. It explains the experience of a Utah man named Ryan, who was experiencing headaches and social discomfort from his misaligned bite. Many people are embarrassed by their smile but they don’t know what to do about it. Karen and Ryan were ready to take action [...]

Obtaining The Perfect Smile Locally

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Draper dentist strives for a natural, beautiful look Article Mimi Darley Dutton Walter Meden, Doctor of Dental Surgery, strives for the absolute best in his work, so he chose the name Elite Smiles for his local business. “I want it to be that there’s nothing better than what I offer,” Meden said. His practice is [...]

Smile Issues With Solutions

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Crooked teeth and gaps are common dental issues people worry about. Other common issues include stains and overly gummy smiles. Stains Coffee, tea, or even your own genetics may have left your teeth discolored or dull. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Do-it-yourself whitening kits can help with surface stains. And [...]

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