Lip Repositioning

Improve the overall aesthetics of your gummy smile with lip repositioning treatment.

What is a “gummy smile?”

Excessive gingival display, or “gummy smile,” can affect the aesthetics of your smile and dampen your confidence. It has a variety of causes, but it can be treated and improved. A “gummy smile” is marked by the excessive showing of gums when smiling and impacts the proportions of your smile.

Benefits of Lip Repositioning

Gummy smile treatment, also known as lip repositioning, is a minimally invasive procedure with maximum results. It both enhances the aesthetics of your smile and improves oral health by protecting your gums. It is a permanent solution, versus other popular temporary treatments such as Botox and fillers. 


+ Enhanced aesthetics

+ Eliminates excessive gum tissue

+ Permanent solution

+ Improves oral health

+ Increased confidence

Patient Before & Afters

Patient results porcelain veneers before and after

Smile was enhanced with six veneers and gummy smile treatment.

Patient results porcelain veneers before and after

Gummy smile treatment and two front veneers.

Patient results porcelain veneers before and after

Smile enhanced with just gummy smile treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Meden?

Dr. Walter Meden is a passionate dentist with high levels of training and experience. Dedicated to his craft, he far exceeds the required hours for continuing education, having received the best training at institutions around the country. He is an active member of many dental organizations, and has the most modern equipment. Most importantly, the smiles of his patients speak for themselves.

Me and my wife have had a lot of work done over the years with Dr. Meden and he does the finest work! I am going on 67 and so I’ve experienced the number of dentists in my life! I feel like I wish I had known Dr. Meden when I was young because he is seriously the best I’ve ever experienced.


Patient, Google Review

Dr. Meden and his staff, Angela in particular, are incredible. Dr. Meden has an amazing eye for dental esthetics. He was as committed to the look of my new veneers as much as I was. It’s a big investment and Dr. Meden made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. He made my teeth look amazing!


Patient, Google Review

Dr. Meden and staff are wonderful. I’ve had various procedures done and I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Meden is very knowledgeable and very meticulous. If you’re looking to change your smile, I highly recommend him.


Patient, Google Review