Dr. Meden Performs a Smile Lift

by | Jan 23, 2016 | Cosmetic Dentistry, News & Press

This story originally appeared on ABC4’s The Younger You series. It explains the experience of a Utah man who was experiencing headaches and social discomfort from his misaligned bite.

Many people are embarrassed by their smile but they don’t know what to do about it. Karen and Ryan were ready to take action and went to see Dr. Meden for a smile lift. He is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry and serves Draper, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding communities. Dr. Meden explains that there are new materials used for cosmetic procedures that can give a person a more natural smile. The modern state of cosmetic dentistry is very advanced from what it was before.

smile lift fills in the areas where there are gaps from where the teeth are chipped or worn. This procedure is unique and important in that many other cosmetic dentists give someone beautiful teeth but forget about the gums. Dr. Meden says that the gums are the foundation for a healthy mouth. It’s important to start dental health young with brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and even brushing your tongue regularly.

Ryan didn’t realize that the alignment of his bite was causing headaches. He also talked about how he wasn’t happy with the look of his smile and wanted to be able to use his front teeth better. “I wanna get this done and enjoy my smile, my life, get rid of the headaches and have a natural bite,” Ryan said.

The Smile Lift Procedure

Dr. Meden starts by re-contouring the teeth and grinding them down. He then strengthens what is left of the teeth to make for a more solid foundation. Impressions of the teeth are taken and temporary veneers are placed. Two weeks later the veneers are removed and the permanent ones are placed.

Karen was nervous for this procedure but couldn’t wait to get a new smile. She had crowns on her two front teeth but they were 25 years old. She felt like her teeth aged her significantly, as is the case with many people. Dr. Meden lasers her gums to make her smile less gummy, then temporary veneers are placed. “For the first time in my life it feels like my bite actually fits together,” Karen said after the procedure. She is excited for a bright smile and refreshed teeth.

Troy of The Younger You visited with Dr. Meden and Karen. She was shocked about how painless the procedure was. She thought that there would be a lot of discomfort during and after the lift. Dr. Meden says that a smile lift can take 10-20 years off of a person’s appearance. So far Karen has only had her top front teeth done but she isn’t finished yet. She will be getting the bottom teeth done next.

When Ryan came out after his procedure, he said he felt very confident about his teeth and smile. He loves that this gave him a better look while also fixing his bite. He is sorry that he didn’t do it 10 years ago.