Dr. Meden and Actor Manu Bennett Talk About Manu’s New Smile

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants

Manu Bennett was a guest host on Good Things Utah, and while there he met Dr. Meden, and learned about Dr. Meden’s approach to revitalizing smiles. After treatment, Manu called his work with Dr. Meden the “best investment of my life.”

Manu had a few issues with his teeth and mouth, such as missing teeth, a gap, a collapsed bite and remains of an archaic procedure. One challenge Dr. Meden had was that he had to make Manu’s smile look good from day one, as Manu was flying out immediately for a world premier of The Hobbit. Dr. Meden recognizes the need for quality temporary veneers.

The temporaries looked great, as these pictures show, and Manu was able to complete his needed work with Dr. Meden upon returning to Utah.

Manu is full of praise for Dr. Meden’s skill, and says it has been a tremendous benefit to his career to be able to smile without reservation.

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