Choosing Your Shade of Veneers

by | Jul 3, 2021 | Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers

Some people seem to have a smile that is almost too perfect, so perfect that it doesn’t look completely normal. The reason for this lies in the choices they’ve made with a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Meden wants to give you a smile that is more yours, not more Hollywood.

Choosing the right shade for porcelain veneers is extremely important. Some people searching for a brighter smile find that after the veneer process is completed, they wish their smile was a little darker. Others find that they love their new smile, except that the teeth covered by veneers don’t match the other teeth in the mouth.

For this purpose, it is important that you find an experienced cosmetic dentist to guide you through the veneer process. Whether you’re getting veneers to deal with gaps in the teeth, blemishes in color, or another reason, Dr. Meden is a professional who can offer solid advice about what shade of white to choose.

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Some dentists recommend to their patients that they go through a teeth whitening process to better match the whiteness of their new porcelain veneers. This can work great in some cases, leaving you with a stunning yet natural smile, but in other cases the whitening does not whiten enough to bring about a match in shades, and you’re left with a contrast in the mouth.

Your cosmetic dentist and you should be able to pinpoint the shades that will give your veneers the most natural look. You may even receive temporary veneers of a certain shade, so you can see how they appear with the rest of your mouth.

As you go about choosing the right shade of white, try to keep your red-carpet dreaming controlled. Otherwise you may end up with a smile you’re not especially proud of, because you’ve been too ambitious in choosing the whiteness of your new smile.

Remember that over time, teeth lose whiteness. Also remember that the opinion of your friends, peers and family is very important. They can help you know where the natural look is.